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A bespoke plan to meet your financial needs

Financial Mediation

Following your MIAM assessment and you both agreeing to mediate.

A financial disclosure form will be provided to you individually to be completed for the mediation.
These detail your property, savings, investments, pensions, debts, incomes and monthly household
and personal expenditure.

The mediator will work with you jointly through the financial process looking at each parties
needs now and in the future.

Mediators can give you legal information but not legal advice.

Mediation discussion and outcomes are without prejudice, which means they do not legally bind you.

You are able to take legal advice on any proposals as mediation progresses.

If an agreement is met a Memorandum of Understanding will be provided for you. This can be taken
to the solicitors to be converted into a consent order as part of a legal separation or divorce.

The legal framework for co-habiting couples is different the mediator will discuss next steps
with you at the mediation.

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