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Following the breakdown of a relationship a mediator can work with you to discuss the next steps short and long term; legal separation / Divorce, the arrangements for the children. Working out interim arrangements and long-term solutions for children and finances.

The mediator supports you both through the process to enable you to understand what needs to be considered and to support you in creating a new plan going forward.

Explaining the benefits of using mediation, what other services are available to support you through this challenging time; Solicitors, McKenzie Friends, Arbitrators, Divorce, Relationship and Family workers and how mediation fits within the legal process.

Assisting you to make an informed choice for your unique circumstances.

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Services We Offer

The Service we offer to support you in making informed choices, save time and money.

An Accredited mediator will explain to you the benefits of using mediation, what it is, what it can and cannot do and how it may assist in your case and what other services are available to support you in reaching a resolution.

MEDIATION PROCESS AND FEES Review the steps in the mediation process, how to get started and the associated fees read more
MIAM Mediation Information Assessment Meeting is a requirement before mediation and required prior to an application being made to the court. read more
CHILD ARRANGEMENTS AND CHILD INCLUSIVE MEDIATION Explore and mutually agree consistent contact arrangements for your child/children to spend time with both parents and how you will parent as separated parents. read more
FINANCIAL MEDIATION Explore and mutually agree interim and long-term financial arrangements following separation through to consent order to finalise a Divorce. read more

Clients Comments in Mediation

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By offering an outreach service in many locations we are able to offer mediation sessions across several counties We also offer mediation at a mutually agreed location for those living a considerable distance from each other. If your location is not listed please contact us as we may be able to refer you to an associated service.

Peterborough, Oakham, Stamford, Grantham, Northampton, St Neots, Huntingdon, Cambourne, Leicester, Rugby, Coventry

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